Apple Watch – Install These 6 Apps Right Away If You Recently Purchased an Apple Watch

Apple Watch - Install These 6 Apps Right Away If  You Recently Purchased an Apple Watch

Apple Watch – Install These 6 Apps Right Away If You Recently Purchased an Apple Watch: Apple Watch is amazing! Have you just opened the new Apple Watch box? Congratulations on your exciting new journey! Despite a few minor issues recently, the Apple Watch is still a great smartwatch. The same applies to SE, Series 9, Ultra 2, and older models.

Simply switch on the Apple Watch and hold it close to your iPhone to begin setup. But where should one begin? Similar to the iPhone, the Apple Watch is empty and awaits App Store apps. Not only do a ton of iPhone apps cross over, but there are even more!

There are a ton of amazing apps for the Apple Watch, but start with these six to see what it can accomplish. Continue reading!

1. Waterful – Easily Monitor Drinks

Waterful is a terrific place to start if you want to get an early start on your 2024 drinking goals. Drinks are really easy to log—just tap the tap to see if you have soda, coffee, or water. Better than pulling out your phone with every drink!

writes information to Siri and Apple Health. Waterful complications can also be added to watch faces for instant daily amount checks. Simple and hassle-free way to check if you’re drinking enough.

Additionally, only $0.99 a month or $9.99 for life. An affordable way to receive health benefits!

2. Streaks-Enjoyable Healthy Habits

Streaks is fun since it allows you to create a game around habits you choose. The gorgeous design on your iPhone displays the last times you’ve done things like walk your dog, eat vegetables, or smoke.

It’s a “to-do list that forms habits”! Work out one too, although Streaks can monitor anything on a regular basis. many pre-made habit ideas that you can completely personalize. so that you can manage unique daily tasks like filing taxes or emailing a certain client.

Only $4.99 for a one-time fee, too. A fun and affordable method of forming healthier behaviors!

3. Things 3: Organize Yourself

A plethora of to-do list applications, such as Apple Reminders and Omnifocus. Things 3 are in the center, and I always need them! Excellent design that creates sections, lists, and notes on all devices.

Wonderful on the Apple Watch as well. Tasks can be completed or edited while on the go without a phone. Assuming you remember to modify the deadline, act quickly on Watch to avoid forgetting. able to speak while adding notes.

Purchase the Watch and iPhone app bundle for only $9.99. Moreover, if desired, separate Mac and iPad versions.

4. Strava: The Greatest App for Tracking Exercise

You’ve probably heard of Strava if you ride or run frequently. However, you might be shocked by how fantastic the Apple Watch is! Using AllTrails, the most widely used fitness apps.

Like an iPhone, Orange Strava tracks rides, runs, and other activities. Excellent on its own if you leave the phone at home. uses GPS and heart rate data to track the path.

Return home and post to the feed to win praise from all. It costs just $5.99 a month to access premium features, but it’s still fantastic without them.

5. Spotify – Phone-Free Jams

Skip it if you use Apple Music; Spotify is fantastic on watchOS. Plays music, albums, and playlists from a phone. nevertheless, you may also download to watch!

So, after your next run, pick up Watch and load up some songs or albums. After that, turn off your phone and keep listening to music!

The menu for downloading can be a pain. Once loaded, though, it’s really convenient for phone-free workouts.

6. Podcasts Anywhere with Pocket Casts

Like Spotify, the excellent podcast software Pocket Casts works well with the Apple Watch. I love how well it syncs with all of my devices.

puts phone in pocket and flicks through shows. Next ones should line up in Up Next. Without a phone, you can download to Watch with a $40 yearly subscription.

Watch always has podcats available because the price increase was worthwhile! even distant from the phone.

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Last Thoughts on the Initial Apple Watch Apps

When you turn on your Apple Watch, I recommend installing those six apps first. Water and habits, fitness, music, podcasts, and organization—all of these demonstrate the amazing things it can accomplish. Having the necessities like email, texts, the weather, and alarms is also nice.

Which more apps do you like to install on your brand-new Apple Watch? The App Store has so many choices! Enjoy adding contents to your new wearable. It will only improve with time!

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