Google Willingly Including AI in Android Auto Starting in 2024

Google Willingly Including AI in Android Auto Starting in 2024

Google AI for Android: For some strange reason, Google is adding artificial intelligence to Android Auto. With Android Auto, they intend to employ AI to create summaries of “busy conversations.” Group discussions that start and stop frequently during the day might benefit from this function, however it truly relies on how precise the summaries are.

Google has been integrating AI into many of its products this year, and it appears that its use of AI will only grow in 2024. While artificial intelligence isn’t new, things started to get real when ChatGPT launched last year. Even though some people claim that Google was late to the party, they had to step up their game. In any case, Workspace and Search are just two of the many products that Google has integrated AI into.

Google is now working on adding some AI magic to Android Auto, primarily for the purpose of summarizing lengthy SMS conversations. The researchers at 9to5Google discovered some code in the Google app that discusses the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide brief summaries of “busy conversations.” As far as we can tell, this would complement the existing feature of having Google Assistant read out messages—rather than take its place.

Listen up, everyone. Google has decided to utilize AI and other techniques to create brief summaries of active group conversations on Android Auto. To be honest, it may be useful if angry people were constantly bombarding the group chat. But it truly relies on whether the AI is missing the entire context or if the summaries are accurate.

How It Operates


And now for the tea: Google has recently made a lot of noise about AI. Including it in Pixel phones, Workspace, and Search, among other things. Even abandoned their AI chatbot to take on ChatGPT. Google realized they needed to step up their AI game after that.

As of right now, Google Assistant for Android Auto can essentially read messages aloud. However, if a lot of messages arrive, the AI will create a brief summary for you to read rather than reading each one individually.

The AI isn’t flawless

Upon feature drop, the following message will appear:

“Hi everyone, I can now utilize AI to transcribe long talks. Please be advised that the AI may misinterpret data because it isn’t perfect. Should we utilize summaries instead of my reading out each text? Attack me once again.

I agree with Google that summaries may be erroneous by AI. Who knows how helpful this will actually be? For example, what if you are talking to the AI about your weekend plans and it says, “My friends are talking about sandwiches?” I’m gonna be quite puzzled!

The Upshot

Though perhaps useful for large group messages. It would be less annoying for drivers to hear a summary rather than frantic SMS. When Google eventually launches this, we’ll see. Somewhere in the Android Auto settings is a toggle that allows them to switch it on or off already.

In 2024, I’ll wager Google will use AI in even more bizarre ways. With the release of the Pixel 8, they unveiled a few chilly features based on the new AI model Gemini. Extremely adept at producing text summaries, responses, and other types of content. It’s true that Gemini is hot right now. Looking forward to seeing more AI bars from Big G in 2019!


That’s the lowdown on Google’s upcoming AI flex for conversational summaries in Android Auto. Watch this space for additional fax from Mountain View. Please let me know in the comments if there are any additional teas I should cover, Fasho!

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