How Can I Get Free Access To Grok AI?

How Can I Get Free Access To Grok AI

Grok AI is a brand-new AI chatbot that you can now test out in-depth on The main purpose of this post is to demonstrate to you how to use Grok AI at no cost and explore its capabilities. We’ll cover a variety of topics, including data analysis, email writing, marketing, problem-solving, and research. Additionally, we will contrast Grok AI with Chat GPT and Bard, two other chatbots.


Grok, Elon’s new AI, requires a premium subscription to X Premium in order to access! Launched on July 7, 2023, this chatbot is unlike any other—it’s witty, intelligent, and equipped to impart life lessons. Learn about the features, humor, and distinct viewpoint of Grok.

How Can I Get Free Access To Grok AI?

Grok AI is not free to use; a monthly fee of $16 is required.

Details about Subscriptions: Grok needs an X Premium Plus subscription, which costs $16 a month. The explanation of the upgrading procedure highlights the requirement for Premium Plus in order to access Grok.

How to Access Grok AI’s Early Access

How to Access Grok AI's Early Access

Check read the blog post about Grok, the new AI chatbot that was released on November 4th, on the xAI website. The details of Grok are revealed in this post.

Grok is a really astute friend who is modeled off Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He can answer practically any question and can even assist you in determining what questions to ask!

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a television series that was adapted into a book and then a movie, is the first thing mentioned by xAI in their blog post from November 4, 2023. It should come as no surprise that Elon Musk’s AI chatbot responds to inquiries with a hint of humor and rebellious attitude, given his reputation for having a lighthearted online persona.

Grok will be unique, according to xAI, because it will have real-time knowledge of the world because of the data source of the X platform. It is meant to take on challenging problems that the majority of AI systems avoid. Prepare yourself for some thought-provoking issues about AI safety, large language models (LLM), and free speech!

Who is able to use Grok AI?

Who is able to use Grok AI

Grok AI can only be used by X Premium+ subscribers at this time. The fact that Grok was produced during the course of two months of training is emphasized by xAI. They expect weekly changes that will happen quickly thanks to user feedback and information obtained from the general public via X.

Grok is only available to a limited group of users in the United States. These users are essential because they offer insightful criticism that helps improve Grok’s features prior to its wider release. Remember that this AI version has just been trained for two months, thus early access is a crucial first step towards xAI.

In the months to come, customers can expect the addition of new features and capabilities, guaranteeing a more comprehensive and sophisticated Grok experience.

How to Apply Grok AI

How to Begin Using Grok:


  • To access Grok, users must subscribe or upgrade to X Premium. Grok may be found under their profile.

x setting

  • Remember that, as xAI stated in an opening tweet, Grok AI is still in its infancy and has only been trained for two months. In the following weeks, expect considerable progress.
  • Grok’s comes in two flavors: fun and regular.

Examining Fun Mode: The Grok’s fun mode, which demonstrates its capacity to produce amusing reactions, especially in roasting situations.

Use Cases:

Research: Grok says it offers current data from posts on It responds with out-of-date information and omits important announcements. When compared to Chat GPT and Bard, Grok is not keeping up.
Creative Writing: Grok’s “fun mode” effectively produces a futuristic creative narrative. In terms of inventiveness, Grok holds its own when compared to Chat GPT.
Email Composition: Grok shows off its adept email writing skills by providing a coherent explanation for project delays in an email.
Marketing Plan: Grok creates an effective fitness app marketing plan. The entire result is considered satisfactory, despite the fact that the first channel is recommended to include x commercials.
Technical Understanding: Grok gives a thorough rundown of blockchain technology and how it is used in financial services. It is commended because the language is comprehensible and makes difficult subjects approachable.
Data Analysis: Grok examines teen social media usage in the United States, albeit the information is a little out of date. Bard’s reply is seen as being more thorough and insightful.
Coding: Grok shows that he is capable of writing HTML and Python code, albeit with limited precision and nuance.
Problem Solving: Despite the lighthearted tone, Grok jokingly discusses solutions to urban traffic congestion when in fun mode.

Additional Details Regarding Grok AI

Grok’s Exhibition

Gro performs in the middle of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, lacking some sophisticated capabilities but thriving on real-time data. It is the fastest AI for summarizing current events because it has access to Twitter’s fire hose, which distinguishes it.

Be Wary of Hallucinations

Grok ai isn’t flawless despite its superiority. It may exaggerate facts, as seen when recommending a stock purchase based on false information. GitHub Co-pilot is a formidable rival even though it is a capable coder.

AI’s Future

With a mixture of skepticism and excitement for a “based AF” AI godhead, Elon Musk’s forecasts regarding the future of AI are discussed. The conclusion examines Musk’s history of making forecasts, emphasizing both successes and failures.

Grok AI’s Lighthearted Side

Gro’s humor is one of its most notable qualities. By criticizing 100-second videos and drawing comparisons to a perplexing roller coaster, it ridiculed the author. Like previous huge language models like GPT-4, the comedy can be turned off if it gets too much, even though it is enjoyable.


I hope you found this essay interesting. Grok AI is a clever friend, not just a chatbot. It is a noteworthy addition to the AI environment despite its flaws because of its distinctive style and real-time information access. Follow us for more advancements in the field of artificial intelligence!

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Does Grok AI require a paid subscription to be accessed?

Indeed, Grok does currently demand a $16 monthly subscription; however, free usage for all English users is anticipated shortly.

How does Grok AI respond to questions that are contentious?

Grok presents information objectively and in an impartial manner, remaining politically neutral.

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