The Top 10 iPhone Apps You Should Download Right Away if You’re New to iPhone!

The Top 10 iPhone Apps You Should Download Right Away if You're New to iPhone!

If you have purchased or received an iPhone for Christmas, you will undoubtedly need some apps to customize your device. But for a beginner using an iPhone, it might be difficult to decide which of the seemingly endless apps to download.

The top ten apps that every new iPhone owner needs to have are listed in this post! We’ll go over each app’s functions and benefits. Your iPhone will function even better with these apps!

Is There An AI Chatbot More Intelligent Than Siri? This INSANELY Popular App Is Needed!

ChatGPT is a bizarre app that is becoming extremely popular. It’s an AI chatbot that can hold meaningful conversations with you and comprehends everyday human language! Almost anything can be asked of ChatGPT, and you will receive intelligent responses. Compared to Siri or Google Assistant, it is far smarter. It may be conversed with in the same way as you would a human!

The best thing is that you don’t even need to type queries because there is an iPhone app. Talking aloud to ChatGPT is all it takes to get a response. How awesome is that?As ChatGPT retains your previous queries, it feels like you’re developing a friendship with your very own AI buddy, haha.

Downloading the ChatGPT app and adding a shortcut to it on your home screen or lock screen is highly recommended. Press that icon to initiate a conversation! Siri may be completely replaced by this app.

An App for Taking Notes That Really Helps You Remember Things!

These days, taking notes on our phones is rather common. But it’s difficult to find a good notes app! Many of them are unclear or glitchy.

For this reason, we suggest Evernote. You can quickly type notes and create to-do lists with it. If you’d like, you may also include images. After then, it keeps your notes organized and retrieves them each time you launch the app. You can get the Evernote app for free. However, additional services like uploading more notes, larger note file sizes, and device syncing are available if you pay a small monthly fee.

Evernote is invaluable if you have a constant desire to jot down notes so you don’t forget them. Though far superior to the majority of other note applications, it’s not flawless.

The Trendy New App That Will Take the Place of Twitter’s Collapsing

You’ve undoubtedly heard by now that Elon Musk, Twitter’s new owner, is turning the platform into a dumpster fire. Many are searching for an alternative app to Twitter. Threads is a very nice alternative. All of your friends are already on it because it relates to your Instagram account. The user interface functions similarly to Twitter.

Compared to Twitter, Threads doesn’t currently have nearly as many trolls and spammers. It’s true that people are friendlier on Threads! You can still follow accounts and topics that interest you, though. The main issue with Threads is that its user base is still smaller than that of Twitter. But Threads might kill Twitter completely if enough people sign up, haha.

A Podcast Listening App That’s Not Bad

Are you a podcast listener? To organize all of your podcasts, you should definitely download Pocket Casts. Without a doubt, it’s among the greatest podcast apps ever created.

To save time, you can remove silence from podcast episodes using Pocket Cast. Should someone be speaking too quickly or slowly, you have the option to adjust the playback speed. Apple Watch controls, sleep timings, and everything else are there. It’s also quite simple to find new podcasts with their “Discover” feature. It will suggest excellent podcasts according to your preferences.

In summary, if you listen to podcasts on your iPhone, you should definitely download Pocket Casts!

Google Maps Handles Apple Maps Much Better

Yes, Apple Maps is pre-installed on the iPhone. But let’s face it, Google Maps is far superior! Google Maps is still superior to Apple Maps, which was a complete disaster when it was initially released.

Google Maps offers incredibly comprehensive maps that span more than 220 nations! You can escape traffic congestion by using the real-time traffic information it provides. When you don’t have mobile service, you can download maps to use offline. They feature Street View, local business listings, reviews, indoor maps, and much more!

Although Apple Maps isn’t bad, it can’t match a Google mapping app. Get Google Maps for the greatest mapping and navigation experience.

A Weather App With Hyperlocal Forecasts Minute by Minute? Sure, please!

It’s crucial to be aware of the weather forecast when using your iPhone while out and about. However, the integrated Apple weather app is very awful. It displays simply the most basic information.

We advise using AccuWeather instead. It provides incredibly precise weather predictions, right down to the minute! AccuWeather will provide you with the precise temperature and likelihood of rain every minute for the next four hours. They also accurately predict. AccuWeather continues to provide the complete weekly forecast as well. so the integrated weather app can be totally replaced by it. Nothing else for the iPhone is comparable to it.

Improve the Look of Your Pictures with Just One Tap

For images you take with your iPhone, Apple provides you with a few rudimentary editing options. Nevertheless, with its 29 sophisticated photo filters and effects, Snapseed elevates the game!With only one tap, you can completely turn a bad photo into an amazing one using Snapseed. Simply choose a preset filter, and presto—your photo appears flawless.

If you wish to tweak things further, they also provide more sophisticated editing tools. However, for the majority of users, the one-touch filters are sufficient to enhance the quality of your iPhone images.Regardless of your level of experience with photography, Snapseed caters to all skill levels. Using Snapseed will make your Instagram photos look clean!

This Pro Camera App Is Required for Serious Photographers

The built-in iPhone camera app is merely passable. You want the Halide Mark II if you’re serious about taking photos with your iPhone.

With the Halide Mark II, an iPhone app may have DSLR-caliber photo controls. Along with a ton of other features, you get manual focus, exposure histograms, focus peaking, depth capture, and RAW photo capture. Even an Apple Watch app allows you to operate the camera from a distance!

Instead of using complicated menus and buttons to operate everything, the interface is incredibly intuitive and uses gestures. Still, at its core, this is a tool for professional photographers.Hobbyists should therefore avoid using Halide Mark II. However, you must have this app if taking pictures with your phone is your main pastime or perhaps your line of work!

Quickly Learn New Languages With This Enjoyable iPhone App

Have you always desired but found learning a new language to be tedious or difficult? Now that Duolingo exists, language learning is enjoyable!

Everything is taught by Duolingo in brief, game-like sessions that are more akin to playing than learning. However, you gradually pick up new vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, and other skills in your target language.

There are currently more than 25 languages available. Download Duolingo if you’re planning a vacation abroad or just think learning a language is great! It can help you pick up your target language quickly if you use it a few minutes each day.

Reduce Stress With Calm Meditations

Given how hectic life can be these days, it is imperative that you take care of your mental health. Self-care has never been easier thanks to the Balance app.

Every day, Balance leads you in peaceful and restorative meditations. They provide specialized meditation programs that focus on improving self-love, lowering anxiety, and getting more sleep.

To encourage peaceful sleep, there are a ton of relaxing exercises, bedtime stories, and ambient natural sounds available. Additionally, Balance makes personalized meditation recommendations based on your response!

If you’ve never meditated before, it can be scary to start. However, Balance introduces novices to it gradually with easy daily exercises that work with your schedule. It has never been simpler to de-stress!


Now, if you recently purchased an iPhone, those are our recommendations for the top apps to download right now! To elevate your iPhone game to a new level, download any or all of them!

Which app are you most eager to use initially? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to forward this post to any people you know who recently purchased a new iPhone.

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